Magee Gammon News Cyber Essentials programme funding for UK businesses

Cyber Essentials programme funding for UK businesses

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is providing a funded Cyber Essentials programme to help small businesses in certain sectors across the UK implement essential security controls.

While all businesses face cyber threats, some that hold sensitive information or that are seen as an easy target can face increased risks. The focus of the funded programme is to help these additional risk businesses protect themselves.

The Cyber Essentials programme covers how to control firewalls, secure settings, access controls, malware protection, and software updates. These controls can help a business protect itself from the most common types of cyber threat.

The funding will provide 20 hours of free remote support from an NCSC-assured cyber security advisor. The advisor will focus on implementing the controls and ensuring they are effective.

Micro or small businesses (1 – 49 employees) registered in the UK and working on the development of fundamental AI technologies are eligible to apply for the funded Cyber Essentials Programme.

However, businesses that have previously participated in a funded Cyber Essentials programme or that already hold or have recently held (since January 2023) Cyber Essentials Plus certification are not eligible.

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