Magee Gammon News Deaf staff and staff with hearing loss 

Deaf staff and staff with hearing loss 

It is important to make sure your workplace is inclusive of deaf people and people with hearing loss. 

If you don’t, you are excluding a large number of people: for example, 1 in 5 people of working age have hearing loss which may have an impact on their communication, productivity and wellbeing. 

The RNID (Royal National Institute for Deaf People) is an independent charity supporting the 12 million people in the UK who are deaf or have hearing loss or tinnitus. 

They can help with: 

  • Online hearing checks, 
  • Supporting deaf staff with and staff with hearing loss, 
  • Communication, 
  • Training, 
  • Workplace assessments, and  
  • Accessible recruitment. 

See: Support for businesses and organisations – RNID 

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