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Universal Credit Guide

This guide looks at Universal Credit, a new benefit that will replace six existing benefits with a simpler, single monthly payment.


Plans for the Universal Credit (UC) were first announced in 2010. Starting in October 2013, it will replace a number of existing benefits. The new credit system is administered online and is intended to streamline the benefits system.Universal Tax Credits

What is Universal Credit?

The UC is a means-tested benefit for anyone of working age. The upper age limit is set at qualification for the Pension Credit. The UC is not intended to be an in-work or out-of-work benefit but it is fundamentally a single credit irrespective of the claimant’s employment status. UC aims to make it easier to manage the change from unemployment to employment since people won’t need to keep changing from one benefit to another as their income circumstances change.

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Please get in touch if you think you and your family may be affected by the introduction of Universal Credit.


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