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Farrer Barnes Celebrity Select Touring Challenge 2013

The Magee Gammon team had high hopes of retaining their 2012 title at this year’s Farrer Barnes Celebrity Select Touring Challenge – sadly it wasn’t to be, but well done to all those who took part. 
Match report by our very own Mr David Brookes
“Having arrived on time, despite the Canterbury traffic, we found ourselves second game on and had no time for our pre match warm up.
We played William Giles, we looked quite solid with a couple of debut players, Josh the Geordie Conlan and Andy Seaman Childs, we were never in trouble and with the Stroller giving Seaman Childs plenty of protection it took a rapier like pass from Lurch to find Killer Tutt unmarked in front of goal who slid the ball through the goal keepers legs to secure a 1 nil win.
Second game we introduced a squad rotation policy with more debut players, Andrew 8.33 Spickett and Stephen Chuck Quinn, with Enam Flash Khan making his second debut, we played Reeves. Having played the Geordie up front first game he was relegated to defence, with the Flash benefiting from sitting opposite someone who knows about football he surged down the left wing dropped his shoulder sent the defender the wrong way and calmly slid the ball into the far corner, it caught everyone by surprise !!.  Trying to hang on to a second 1 nil was proofing difficult, despite some good saves from Seaman Childs, we tried to bring on a sub and they took advantage and equalised, finishing 1- 1.
Third game was against McCabe Ford Williams, knowing a draw would be enough to get through we started positively and scored the best goal of the night (Bonus time is coming up !), Killer and the Geordie caught the opposition napping with a training pitch routine one two and Killer calmly slotted the ball away for his second goal of the night.
We won our group and proceeded into the semi finals, drawn against Burgess Hodgson, we knew it was always going to be difficult and with the Stroller pulling out with a career threatening injury and despite some heroics from Seaman Childs we lost 2 – 0, but we did win lots of Beer in the raffle, or Chuck did !!”

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